Cancelation Zolder Superprix

Due to the high number of COVID-19 infections in the region, the government decided to cancel Zolder Superprix which was scheduled for August 8 & 9. 

The already applicable Corona measures on the domain of Circuit Zolder are also tightened. Wearing a mouth/nose mask is mandatory at all times on the domain of Circuit Zolder. There will still be no access to the public, nor to the press. Only participants at individual practice sessions/trackdays and international test days and their supervisors will be allowed access to the domain, subject to pre-registration and prior permission of the organizer of the day. For motorcycles this is per participant/pilot and 1 attendant, for bicycles per participant 2 attendants and per car 3 attendants excl. pilot. A complete overview of the applicable Corona measures and the most up-to-date calendar of Circuit Zolder can be found on our website

3 août 2020

Cancelation Zolder Superprix

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